Curved Monitors

Curved monitors are an extremely popular innovation in the electronic industry as more people are looking for new ways to enhance their digital experience. They are unique because of their design to present a different perspective to this industry of computer monitors.

These screens are equipped and integrated with higher resolution quality and additional features that make them an appealing choice for customers to consider. They are particularly popular for online gaming because of their ultra wide radius and extensive field of view.

Formerly, triple monitors were a trending setup that was highly desired within online gaming. It now appears that this category has shifted somewhat towards the curved option.

There is newer technology that is being integrated into these monitors, which has ultimately spiked interest and raised eyebrows within this industry. These costs of producing a curved monitor can be slightly higher than a regular product. Some customers might not desire to pay such a higher price at this point in time.

If you are currently browsing online stores for this type of product, it might be useful to stop and take a look at several of these curved monitor products. There are several ideal choices that feature outstanding levels of quality and extensive features that have impressed customers.

Several of those features will be discussed in several sections of this review. There are dozens of specifications for you to consider so that you can ultimately make a solid decision for your final purchase.

Top 5: Curved Monitor Reviews


The first product that we are going to take an in-depth look at is this Sceptre 24" Curved 75Hz Gaming LED Monitor. Customers will immediately notice a high level of quality that is expressed from this one as well as an outstandingly smooth image that stems from a high refresh rate that is clocked at 75Hz.

These positive customer reviews are a good sign for customers that are interested in potentially purchasing this curved gaming monitor. An affordable price range happens to present great value for customers that might be on a tight budget.


  • High Refresh Rate 75Hz.
  • VESA Wall Mount is Supported.
  • High Quality Design.


  • No Warranty is Included.


This Samsung 32-Inch Curved Monitor features an ultra slim design that still manages to display vibrant colors through a modern screen display. Customers will be pleased to know that this product is designed for efficiency and performance. 

Samsung 32-Inch Curved Monitor (Ultra- Slim Design)

It is capable of providing energy saving efficiency while still providing a high level of quality during operation.


  • Ultra Slim Design.
  • Vibrant Color Display.
  • Energy Saving Efficiency.


  • High End Price Range.
  • No Warranty is Included.


It is now time to take a look at this Deco Gear 35" Curved Ultra Wide LED Monitor that has a lot to offer customer when it comes to quality features. This product is more valuable than the previous options because of its ultra wide aspect ratio that clocks in at 21:9 (2560 x 1080 Resolution).

Deco Gear 35" Curved Ultra Wide LED Monitor

A wider 35 inch screen design allows this option to extend its field of view settings to provide an immersive experience that customers will love. This item also has an outstanding customer reputation, which is an impressive indicator towards this product and its high level of design quality.


  • Minimal Latency (4 MS).
  • High Refresh Rate 75Hz.
  • Durable Design Quality.


  • Expensive Price Range.


This particular item is made with premium features to ensure that it is represented at a higher level than many alternate choices in this industry. An extremely vibrant display that focuses on color calibration technology is among its highest rated features. There are also VESA mounting capabilities and an ultra wide high definition resolution that is supported.

LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch Curved Ultra Wide QHD IPS Monitor

There are an outstanding amount of positive customer remarks that talk about how impressive this one really is. If you are willing to pay an expensive price, there is no doubt that this product features an incredible amount of high quality features that will impress you.


  • USB 3.0 Quick Charge.
  • 21:9 Ultra Wide Resolution.
  • VESA Mounting is Supported.


  • Expensive Price Range.


It is finally time to take a look at this impressive Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor. One major factor that played a role in positioning this product first is because of its hundreds of positive reviews that express an outstanding level of quality that stems from Dell's design of this option.

Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

While it may be priced at a higher range when compared to similar products, it does have an outstanding premium design quality that is seemingly unmatched in this industry. This product also comes from an extremely reliable brand with Dell.

Dell U-Series 38" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

This factor alone should provide comfort to customers that are looking for a reliable option that is capable of providing an outstanding level of quality and performance.


  • Ideal for Immersive Gaming Experience.
  • Premium Design Quality.
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews.


  • Expensive Price Range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Curved Monitors Worth It for Their Price?

A common consensus within this industry is that some of them are worth their price range. This technology is still relatively new and companies are still trying to figure out some cheap ways to produce these types of monitors.

Which Ultra Wide Monitor Provides Best Value?

One item that has already been described in our review is also a great value for customers to consider. This Deco Gear 35" Curved Ultra Wide LED Monitor features an ultra wide aspect ratio that improves immersion.

Do Curved Monitors Reduce Eye Strain?

This really depends on particular user preferences. Some users might notice that they are less hurtful towards their after long periods of usage. Some anonymous studies also suggest that a curved monitor is better for eye strain. 

Is a Curved Screen Better for General Purposes?

One industry that they have become really popular within is digital gaming. 

These monitors are not specifically designed for gaming purposes, but it seems like they are rapidly spreading through this industry and becoming a more common choice for gaming setups.

Final Verdict

After evaluating each of these five products in this list, it is clear that several of these curved monitors are incredible innovations. New forms of technology are making their way into these products, which will only make your decision tougher when it comes to selecting one for your household.

There are so many size specifications and attributes to consider before finalizing a purchase. Hopefully, all of this information as well as these product descriptions will assist you in making this tough decision.


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