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Laser tag is a popular gaming activity among children and the unique bundles that manufacturer's have put together are quite impressive. These types of laser tag sets can be great for large holiday parties, birthdays, or just a fun day with friends.

We are going to review five of the most popular selections within the industry. This post will also be featuring some customer questions, product specifications, pricing information, and answers that explain how to use these laser tag sets. It is important to remember that these products were designed for children, so they have some additional safety features certified so that children can operate them safely.

Top 5: Laser Tag Sets Review (Vests & Guns)

Recommendation #2



Recommendation #3

DYNASTY TOYS Capture The Flag | Glow in The Dark Yard Games for Adults and Families. Includes 2 Player Laser Tag Set and Target Shooting Cubes.


Recommendation #4

Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 Players with 4 Guns 4 Vests 4 Tactical Masks 4 Protective Glasses Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor Game Gift for Boys Girls


Recommendation #5



ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests - Laser Battle Mega Pack Set of 4 - Infrared 0.9mW

These Armo Gear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests are definitely highly rated and are among the most premium high end laser equipment in the entire industry. They are completely authentic and functional and include a customer satisfaction warranty.

Users can easily begin using this laser tag gear in just a few minutes. A simple setup process is one of the more popular reasons that this particular item is beloved. The laser guns can support targets that are up to 150 feet away.


  • Long term durability.
  • Premium design quality.
  • Customer warranty included.


  • Expensive price range.

#2 Ranger 1 Laser Tag Reality Gaming Kit


The second laser tag gaming kit that we are going to look at features some of the coolest assets and gear in the industry. The tactical looking laser gear is ideal for enhanced laser tag game experiences. This Ranger 1 Laser Tag Kit is easy to setup and begin using, despite no instructions being included in the packaging.

A total of four laser guns are included in this package. The range of game play is supported for up to 225 feet. In some cases, the gear is capable for operating for more than seven hours at a time. Customers are covered under a 90-day customer warranty to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.


  • 225 feet range.
  • 7+ hours of game time.
  • Includes LED stats.
  • 90 day customer warranty.


  • Expensive price range.
  • No setup instructions included.

#3 Laser Tag Set Toys and Carrying Case

DYNASTY TOYS Capture The Flag | Glow in The Dark Yard Games for Adults and Families. Includes 2 Player Laser Tag Set and Target Shooting Cubes.

Compared to the previous laser tag sets, this particular pack might be significantly more affordable for customers on a limited budget. The set includes a collection of four laser tag guns that can support team game modes and free-for-all laser tag battles.

For an affordable price, you can become the new owner of this Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Kit. It has everything that you need to begin enjoying laser tag around your household.


  • Team & solo game modes.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Ideal for children.


  • Limited functionality.
  • Batteries required.

Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 Players with 4 Guns 4 Vests 4 Tactical Masks 4 Protective Glasses Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor Game Gift for Boys Girls

This Infrared Laser Tag Guns bundle features a collection of laser tag gear that is suitable for up to four different players. Each set of colored gear includes a laser gun, mask, safety glasses, and vest piece. A total of six AA batteries are required to operate each pairing of gear. For four player sets, you would need to purchase a pack of 24 AA batteries in order to operate all equipment that comes with this product purchase.

Customers are granted a lifetime warranty and are encouraged to contact customer service if they have any issues with their items.


  • Includes four sets of laser equipment.
  • Positive customer reviews.
  • Lifetime customer warranty.


  • Expensive price range.
  • Batteries not included.

#5 Power Tag Infrared Laser Tag Gun & Vest Set


This pack of six laser tag guns and vests are the perfect gift to children and adults alike. It is compatible for people of all ages and supports a high quality laser tag game with up to six players at a time.

There are four laser firing modes and a collection of high quality gear that is fully capable of providing a premium experience for all family members! If you are looking for an affordable product selection, then you certainly should take a look at this Power Tag Infrared Laser Tag Set when considering a purchase.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Includes six pack of gear.
  • Ideal for all ages.


  • Batteries required.
  • Poor design quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a laser tag set cost?

The level of quality can have a lot to do with the final price of a laser tag set. The premium-end products can range upwards of $100, while the lower-end laser sets can be labelled at somewhere around $40 to $60.

How far can a laser tag gun reach in range?

Most of the products within this review can have a shooting range that is upwards of 150 feet. Some products can surpass 200 feet, while others might be more restricted and limited in terms of range.

Users are constantly looking for larger ranges so that they can setup larger arenas to play inside of. The good news is that most manufacturer's will publicize their designed range so that customers can evaluate if that is something that they would be comfortable with.

When did laser tag become popular?

Laser tag is a fun shooting game where the players use light guns to tag their chosen targets. The guns emit infrared light, which is why the participants should wear infrared-sensitive indicator gadgets. Sometimes the devices are installed in the area where the game is played.

Laser tags gained popularity in 1979, and they vary based on their applications and technical capacities. Their mechanism depends on the hardware, the installed software, and communication capacities. The resulting game can be anything, from science fiction to regular video games.

Is laser tag still popular?

Yes, laser tag is a popular sport irrespective of the fact that VR games seem outdated. Many people still enjoy the game, and the industry is growing by six percent every year. Companies that manufacture the tags follow trends. When films like Walking Dead and World War Z hit the market, the firms started making zombie scenes.

When Hunger Games and PUBG PC games were launched, laser tag sets companies started making gadgets for Battle Royale scenes. The sport won’t die. Instead, it will undergo amendments. In the future, we expect laser tag devices to be linked to one network. There will also be changes in their interaction protocols and the availability of online streaming interfaces.

Why is laser tag the best?

Laser tags are great for children because they can be played both indoors and outdoors. If you are worried because your kid is always in front of the PC or a phone, introducing a laser tag might be the solution, they offer an ideal combination of physically involving entertaining games.

Children can play the sport in a group, which makes them great team players. During the game, the battling sides are enemies, but nothing stops them from becoming friends afterward. Therefore, playing a laser tag makes kids more sociable, and they can make friends easily.

Do adults play laser tag?

Yes, laser tag doesn’t have an age limit. More adults are now playing the sport in team building activities, cooperate events, or solely for fun. The competition is easy to play, and anyone can learn the game quickly. If you are looking for an exciting physical activity to participate, this one is ideal because it will give you an adrenaline rush.
Laser tag is perfect for adults because you can play it individually or in a group. Also, the technology behind laser tag sets has been improving since the game was first launched. Modern arenas offer real-time tallying.

Is laser tag dangerous?

Since the sport uses infrared rays, this question is pretty standard. The laser guns emit low-energy rays and at a low frequency. Such beams cannot inflict any damage. Prevalent injuries are those that players sustain after falling, such as bruises.

The lasers used in the guns are safe for both adults and kids. The lasers in the guns aren’t actual lasers, but the type of infrared that in your TV remote control. That is why pointing or shooting at a person using the laser gun is safe. Also, the guns have been tested and regulated to ensure their safety.

Can laser tags make you blind?

Laser tags are safe for all body parts, including the eyes. Several studies have been conducted to survey the effect of laser guns on a person’s eyes, and they concluded that the guns don’t affect the vision.

However, you may get flash blindness after exposure to laser lights for prolonged periods. The condition occurs when the eyes are dazzled after contact with bright light. You can avoid getting flash blindness by controlling the time you are exposed to laser light.

How long does a laser tag game last?

A laser tag game usually goes for 15 minutes. However, some arena games or mobile applications may last for three or five minutes. In the same way, an outdoor game may go for 30 minutes. Some tactical laser tag games may go on for many hours.

How to win in laser tag?

The easiest way to lose a laser tag game is to stand still. If you get tired after a while, find the right spot where you can rest. Otherwise, continue running, walking, or rolling because hitting a moving object is confusing.

When you enter the arena, understand the layout, and determine the vantage points. Unless you are a good sniper, you will get more points by shooting at a general target that taking time to aim at a precise location. Also, move sideways to reduce the area that oncoming players can target.

How should I dress when going for a laser tag game?

Laser tag is an entertaining sport, but you should wear proper attire if you want to win. The idea is to hit your opponent’s sensor vests while protecting yours.

Here is an attire guide

• Wear dark colors because light shades will make you visible in the dark, and you will be easy to target.
• Black and dark blue are the best colors for indoor laser tag games. Camouflage and neutral colors are ideal for outdoor laser tag sports.
• Avoid showing up in sparkled because you will be making it easier for your opponent to identify and strike you.
• Wear comfortable shoes such as boots or sneakers.
• Please dress in layers because sometimes the arena is cold, but it gets hot when the game starts.
• Go for lightweight clothing because you might sweat a lot.
• Don’t wear jewelry or chains since they might make you detectable and might be distracting.

How many lives do you have in laser tag?

You have one life. However, venues usually have their own laser tag game rules. Other times the players can settle on the guidelines. They decide how many lives every person will have, the appropriate firing rate, and the impact of tagging on an individual. Remember that physical contact is prohibited in these games, and you might be penalized for that.

What age is laser tag for?

Five years old is the minimum recommended age for laser tag players. The laser tag sets are most comfortable for kids that are 122 centimeters tall. If your child doesn’t meet the required height, you are allowed to wear the pack as your little one plays with the laser.

Is laser tag safe for pregnancy?

Laser tag is a safe game but not recommended for pregnant women. It is highly physically involving, which may not be appropriate for expectant mothers. Besides, the arenas are usually dark, which increases the risk of injuries.

How many people do you need for laser tag?

The minimum number of laser tag players per game is two. However, the maximum total varies from one arena to another. Some allow four or six players and a maximum of 30. Big parks can occupy even 50 people per game.

What is the biggest laser tag arena in the world?

Laser Rock is the largest laser tag arena on the planet. It covers more than 14,000 square feet and features several formats that can accommodate 60 people. Laser rock is located in Belleville, Illinois.

Final Verdict

This post is designated with in-depth information that will certainly help you make the right purchase for a premium set of laser tag gear. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of these five products, as well as how affordable they are.

Laser tag is a popular children's activity, but finding the right kit for your household can be challenging. This buyer's guide has focused on presenting you with the facts of each product, as well as important industry information that can help you with your general search.

If you have some questions or are still confused with some aspects of your search, you might want to review some of the customer reviews on these products or browse through the FAQ section to see if your question can be answered there.

Now is a great time to finalize your search and make a great purchase of one of the premium laser kit sets that are currently available on the market!


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